Friday, February 14, 2014


Our baby turned five this week!

She's a beautiful little girl. A bit bold sometimes and grown up in so many ways, a result of being the third child I think. And still such a baby, also a result of being the third child. The last child. Our baby.

She loves books and drawing. She has long hair all the way down to her bottom and every night it is a debacle to brush. We let her watch peppa pig on the ipad...a lovely distraction from the task at hand(knots).

She often pops into our bed through the night. She always comes to my side of the bed because she knows her daddy will take her back to her own bed. I savour these bed snuggles because I know they don't last forever.

She loves swimming and she 'canon bombs' in with gusto. She has such an expressive little face when she's telling you this and that. She is a big sweet tooth-like her mama. She is a fussy eater. She rides her bike with her training wheels really fast down the hill..yelling yippeeeee for effect.

She loves big! Oh my goodness, she LOVES SO BIG! She gives the tightest cuddles-so big they hurt. And she always has to love one better. So if I say I love her a gazillion...she says she loves me more or the most or double that.

Happy Birthday to our littlest love.
And just because I always feel a bit nostalgic on my babies birthdays...

That hair!