Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Playing along this week with Sophie and crew.

First up, some lovely teacup and saucer sets I picked up at a local second hand furniture store.
I fell in love with the colours. They are made in Japan, Kokura Ware iron stone 1970's, no chips, a bit of crazing on a couple of saucers but otherwise great condition. I paid $40 for the 6 sets. A bit more than I usually spend but some searching around online confirms they were a fair price.

Next, this gorgeous pyrex bowl. Very excited to pick this up at the Swap Meet for $5.00
It is in great condition and I have used it a number of times already. It's the perfect size.

And my favourite find..this little dish. It just called out to me. It really is the prettiest green, my photo does not do it justice. I don't usually pick up this kind of stuff but I just had to have it. I'm not sure hubs would agree but there you go...$5.00

Last but not least, I have decided to show and tell some of Belle's Buttons. While not technically a flea market find, I feel they are definately worthy of a mention. I am having so much fun digging into this huge tin of buttons. Each little button is so lovely, each with it's own story no doubt. I can't help but wonder what each one was attached to and who might have worn it.
Belle's Buttons..Christmas in July!Yes?

Be sure to visit Sophie too. She has the cutest little tea cosy. A must see if you are an owl lover..(thinking Miss Mardi).


Cathy said...

Lovely green dish and gorgeous buttons!

Madeline said...

Those tea cups are great! I have my eye on a yellow set in a shop here but they're $60 and a bit steep for me.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the pastel colours on those cups are to die for. a mix like this looks ever so charming. it is a great find!

karlyn Jackson said...

lovely pics of your cups Lea, glad you have finally shown them. I adore that green glass dish, so sweet. I can see why you had to have it. ooooh and those buttons. I started my yo yo's last night with my vintage fun!

Liz said...

Love the colours of the cups - very pretty!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Yvette Adams said...

Oh the teacups are beautiful! I love them. Worthy of the $40.

I'm surprised you said you wouldn't normally buy something like the green bowl cos I thought it was so you!!!

Those buttons of Nana Belle's look beautiful together.

Anonymous said...

Love your pyrex dish and the vintage buttons are amazing!

VintageSweetheart said...

Cute teacups and those buttons are gorgeous!

E :)

Jem said...

I'm so taken with your green dish - I can just imagine it full of gorgeous sweets or pretty buttons! :-)

Particularly keen on your Pyrex dish too

Jem xXx

Anonymous said...

Very sweet teacups! I also like the green dish; it is lovely. Buttons are fascinating; it is fun to wonder about their past uses.

Karen G @ It's Still Life said...

Those tea cups are amazing. Just love them.

Mardi said...

LOVE those cups and saucers Lea... so pretty....and the pyrex is a score too....I always look for it....but have never seen must be scarce around here.
That green bowl is it
Uranium glass ?
So thrilled you shared a little more of Belles buttons....there are some absolute beauties there.
Sophies owl is so cute...Im popping to the Oppie today....I hope I find an owl too...I have a lucky
Mardi x

Mandi said...

Hello there, I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog! I was wondering how you came across it?
Anyhoo I am loving your op shop finds, seeing the gorgeous things you have found inspires me to go looking myself (but its not easy with 3 little ones tagging along).

Thanks again xoxo M

Sheree said...

Love those cups and saucers Lea...and those buttons!!! Yummy!

Sheree xx

Bungalowgirl said...

Those buttons are so beautiful- can picture them as the centrepiece of some crochet flowers. Also much appreciating the pyrex and the green bowl is a particularly lovely colour. Good finds all round. melx

BeckyKay said...

That green dish was certainly worth the $5! How pretty!

Just like Martha said...

Oh Lea those cups are divine can see why you 'had to have them'! Just cehcked out Sophie's finds too, how cute is that owl tea cosy! Hope you are having a good week, Lee x