Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Crazy

I am tad behind in blogging our Christmas festivities but for the sake of recording the goings on, I'll endeavour to catch up. The past week has been a whirlwind and on top of the Christmas Crazy, I have been oh so sick. I've had a rather nasty throat infection. I even lost my voice for a couple of days-thankfully not before I spent an afternoon visiting my gorgeous friend. The Mister joked that we are only given a certain amount of words to last a lifetime and I must have used mine all up. Those that know me in 'real life' know that I talk quite a bit ;)
Now that I have started some antibiotics, I am on the mend. Grateful for antibiotics! I have shared the love with poor Lulu. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon as well.

  • Presentation Night
Both the children were thrilled to receive awards at their school presentation night and we were SO  happy for them. It was Bella's first time and she received the Library award for her class. She is an avid reader and zips through novel after novel. She is allowed to borrow books from the Year 5/6 section-while being in Year 3. I am so grateful she has a love for reading. It opens up new worlds and you are never lonely with a book.

Ollie received his award for Academic Excellence in Literacy. Another clever reader! Ollie has had THE best year in Kinder, THE best teacher ever! He has grown in confidence, excelled academically and made lots of friends. He was first called up on stage and was very overwhelmed by the 500+ people clapping for him but he has come such a long way this year-no longer the little boy crying and clinging to his mother like a little barnacle.

  • Christmas Party
Each year we organise the Christmas Celebrations for G's work. The adults enjoyed a day at the races a few weeks ago and last weekend, the children had a lovely time at a local park.  Bella had a ball on the slip n slide while O and Lulu hung out at the playground. Many a lolly was eaten, sustenance in the form of a sausage sambo, soft drink, ice cream and a special visit from Santa (our Pa).

Dad if you are did a fantastic job as always despite your very dodgy Santa suit :)

More Christmas Crazy soon...


Yvette Adams said...

Might be a dodgy suit but it's a pretty good disguise. We had a dodgy santa today at the Adams Christmas party. :)

I hope you are feeling much better now.

nicole said...

gosh you poor thing! worst time of the year to get sick with so much going on!
congrats to your school goers, must be such a proud mumma :D
and your littlest looks sooo cute with her sausage in bread ha ha!
hope you're feeling 100% again soon!

Anonymous said...

Nothing dodgy at all about your Santa. He,s the the deal.Congrats Bella & Ollie on your school awards on Presentation Night.... Luv Nan & Pa XXXOOOXXX