Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

We don't usually celebrate Valentines Day at our place but a couple of weeks ago I bought a packet of heart shaped paper doilies at the oppy so I thought I'd have a bit of fun creating a little Valentine story in our entry way.

I gathered some bits and pieces from around our home. Some hearts, my Nonna's tablecloth, thrifted treasures-vintage scrabble, fowlers jar-the perfect vase, some frames and the paper doilies of course. The lovely candle is a gift from a sweet friend, some roses from our garden-three to symbolise our three little loves, the playing card-five hearts representing our family of five, the gold piece used to hang on our bedroom wall when we first married-many moons ago seven houses ago! and a little handmade happy heart made from a thrifted doily complete with dodgy stitching and a vintage button.

And funny...the Mr was quite chuffed with my little Valentines greeting.
Hope you had a lovely day.
Do you celebrate Valentines Day?


Yvette Adams said...

Oh that's gorgeous Lea. I'm glad Grant noticed. Dave wouldn't have!

No we don't do presents or anything for Valentines Day either. Just a "Happy Valentines Day", and if it's a weekend I usually make a special heart shaped breakfast. This year I printed some vintage Valentine images from the internet, wrote something little on the back and put them in their lunchboxes.

karlyn Jackson said...

Very special, I remember that wall hanging, looks perfect in your display. I'm burning my exact candle as I write this....xx