Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

In an effort to embrace the season, I made a scarf. I used some scraps of woolen fabric and some vintage sheeting, all thrifted. It was one of those gratifying projects that can be whipped up in one session.
Unlike this wooly number that I started a couple of Winters ago.

I cut a bunch of fabrics of varying widths and then stitched them to make a strip. My favorite bit though, is the pretty floral sheeting on the back. It nice and soft...can't have an itchy scarf!

Despite the little loves sporting coughs, runny noses and temps the past few weeks, we had a lovely, relaxing school break. There was crafting aplenty, drawing, cooking, reading, a lot of snuggling on the couch and staying in jamas. 'Fraggle Rock' was the DVD of choice and 'Guess Who' was our favourite board game. Two out three kids have recovered and I am counting down the weeks until Spring.

In other news, I am still plugging away on Ollie's quilt binding. Almost done.

How about you? Have you been making lately? Are you well...I know a lot of you have been sick too. Are you waiting for Spring, like me. Hope you're having a happy week.


Kylie said...

I cannot get over the colour of that Japanese Maple Lea. Breath-taking!
Love your scarf too x

Zara said...

Wow your scarf is lovely. A great way to 'wear' pretty floral vintage sheets.

Bungalowgirl said...

LOVE the scarf, I would never had thought to use vintage sheets in a scarf- it looks wonderful. Looks chilly at your place. We have less cold but a whole lotta mould due to excess rain and not enough cold. With the mould and the snot over here, the creative flow has kind of stalled too.Hope your kids pick up quickly- mine are all good, now I'm sick with something else. Aaaaarrrgh! melx

karlyn Jackson said...

Love the grey on O's quilt , looking good.I cannot believe that red tree, WW must be freezing. Good scarf making too Lea xx

Anonymous said...

Oh that Japenese maple, I haven't seen anything like that before, how beautiful.

What a great idea with the scarf and intake sheet pieces.

Tania said...

Now that is one gorgeous scarf. Love the combination of florals and checks. Even better that it would have zero itch. I wear scarves all the time and they make such a huge difference to warmth.