Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home sweet home

We arrived home close to midnight but despite the darkness we immediately noticed the growth in our front garden. We left  the end of Winter garden as we departed on our little adventure and now 7 weeks later, Spring is in full force. My favourite season. Our little boy love was born on the first day of Spring and ever since it has been my favourite season.

The next morning I pottered about the garden in my jarmies snapping pictures of this and that.

My dear friend Annie gave me this little cutting and we found it a temporary home in the pot of orchids. It definately needs a home of it's own now!

And the orchids! They make me so very happy.

My mama gave me a pot of orchids many years ago...maybe nearly 20. They came from my Nonna's orchids. I have since split the bulbs time and time again and have gifted some to special friends. The vase also belonged to my Nonna. As a little girl she always said it was for me. Back then, I never particularly loved it, mainly because it has a big chip in the top. These days I love it, chip and all!


Bungalowgirl said...

Welcome home and how nice to see your garden bursting with spring. It is dry as a chip up here but all of Betsy's five jacarandas are blooming so that is pretty wonderful. mel x

Zara said...

It must be good to be home.
Your garden is looking stunning.
With the warmer weather the plants seem to grow overnight.
The orchids are stunning flowers arent they.