Friday, July 5, 2013

A snapshot of May...and June

  • Family day at the races
  • Our boys had a weekend in Melbourne cheering on their team.
  • Mother's Day-Lulu's first preschool present, spilt porridge and many tears from my big girl who wanted everything to be just perfect for her mama.
  • CF Clinic review for the big girl
  • 65 Roses Day fundraising
  • We enjoyed the last of the autumn colour.
  • A wonderful weekend with our special friends Yvette and Tassy-cooking, laughing, eating and more!
  • The kids had a great day with their Daddy and Grandy in the vintage car rally.
  • The cool weather required a spot of pyjama making-3 pairs with plans for more!
  • Fresh farm eggs gifted from one of Boo's school friends.
  • Unexpected happy mail from thoughtful blogging friends.
  • I ran 10km. I have never been a runner but I have been learning. Slowly but surely I am getting there. 
  • I had my first day of paid work in 12 years! Yes. It was a big leap for me after being at home for sooo long. I loved it though! 
  • We went to watch Monsters University at the movies.
  • We watched Boo's band concert.
  • We took the big kids to a fabulous concert at our local theatre and watched our drummer boy nephew perform.
  • Our big girl represented her school in Public Speaking and came 2nd place. She was totally thrilled. We were so proud of her efforts and so happy to see her shining. 
  • Last but not least...Bonfire at the farm with family and friends. The stuff the childhood memories are made of. 


Kylie said...

OMG! You ran 10kms! That's WONDEFUL Lea! You are amazing! (in more ways than one x)

Anonymous said...

Wow you've crammed a lot in with sweet sounding moments.

Also wanted to let you know there is a lovely blogger I follow I've met her in person at a blogging workshop who has CF, let me know if you'd like a link to her blog to connect with her. She is such a sweet and positive person.

Bungalowgirl said...

Gosh what a crazy busy month. Well done getting back to work for the first time and the 10 km run, not sure which is more daunting! mel x

Little Gumnut said...

That's an absolutely wonderful list. Especially about your first day of paid work in 12 years! I've started back one day a week after 10 years this year too and it does feel huge. Well done!

Zara said...

Congrats Lea on your first day back at work.
My pop used to be part of the vintage car club and my sister and I would sometimes travel in his Rolls Royce to a Rally. Such precious memories for your three. x

Max said...

Busy, but nice busy by the sounds of it Lea. 10kms is quite momentous, go you!

Yvette Adams said...

You didn't tell me you got a day's work! How was it?!

Jane George said...

ooo i am just strating running again after 3 babies and 2 yeqars comfort eating after my tilly was diagnosed with sms i am now 4 stone heavier (was 5 stone heavier!!!) its hard but fabulous, come on over i do a friday running the week post (but not the last 2 weeks life got in the way!) fab you did a 10k what was your time! I was a sub 50 10k runner and ran 50 miles plus a week, now when i run that seems like 100 years away!!!