Monday, March 24, 2014


Things are crazy busy around here. I think it's just life today though. Family life. I think it's our normal. There is always something happening, some place to be, something to do. I'm not complaining. Really. Most of it is really good stuff. I just feel like I need to stop and smell the roses a bit though. And I've missed blogging and reading your blogs!

Inspired by Pip, I thought I'd take stock and jot down a few things in the hope of kickstarting some more regular blogging.

:: Taking Stock

Making: to do lists. Ughhh!
Cooking : cakes, biscuits, brownies and giant freckles for the car boot sale at school.
Drinking : ginger beer, chai latte, merlot, mango smoothie, water, not all at once!
Reading: Flicking through Inside Out magazine.
Wanting: our house to look like a page out of Inside Out magazine, even if just for a day. I wonder where they put all their baskets of ironing for those photo shoots.
Looking: forward to the end of daylight saving and some earlier nights.
Watching: "I melt with you" This was not what I expected at all. Have you seen it? I found it.. unsettling.
Sewing: a quick cushion cover for a little girl's birthday.
Bookmarking: things I want to make from Home by Beci Orphin.
Enjoying: a spot of running and breathing.
Waiting: for school holidays and a break from the busy.
Loving: my little piece of Belinda Marshall art 'Balance'. Something I am always striving for. I adore her colour pallettes. Beautiful hues with a little pop of colour here and there. I received this little print as part of my support of her Pozible project last year. Belinda has a new project at Pozible here.

Hoping:  our carrot seedlings will grow.
Needing: to sort through our wardrobes in preparation for the cool change.
Tasting: fresh pistachios at the farmers markets. Have you ever tried them?

Wearing: boyfriend jeans and stappy heels.
Noticing: this masterpiece.

Knowing: we can only do the best we can in that very moment.
Thinking: about making hats for the Easter Hat Parade.
Feeling: like I'm always playing catch up. Do you ever feel like that too?


Bungalowgirl said...

Yep I totally hear you! It's crazy busy here too and if I am playing catch up then I also have no idea what the rules are. There seems to be extra stuff to squeeze in everywhere while I am barely on top of the day to day. Plus my boy has had a rough time this term and that has made me a very frazzled mama, hence the lack of return mail to you Lea! I have some goodies, just need a few days of calm! mel x

Kylie said...

Where d'you get your boyfriend jeans from Lea? I have been hunting for a pair and they all look like slim fitting capri pants on me - not what I want from a bf jean at all. I want mine to look a little bit baggy.
Lovely post and I could comment on any of your beautiful pics - its just that I've been searching for a nice pair for ages...please drop me a note WHEN YOU'VE GOT TIME! x

karlyn Jackson said...

I hear you girlfriend. Love your post, sounds pretty balanced in there, just not much sleep happening.