Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Milk glass

Some lovely new milk glass to show and tell. Just the nudge I needed to get me blogging.
I am pretty darn excited about these pieces. They all found their way to me over the past few weeks.

Firstly, the sweetest little pear dish. So different than anything else I have in my collection. This was gifted by the lovely and generous Kylie. I especially love the back as well. Such a pretty little piece.

This goblet was picked up at my local oppy for $2.00 and these pretty bowls were also thrifted, $2.00 for both.

And lastly, a special little vase that came all way from England. My inlaws have just returned from a one month holiday in the UK. They found this in a second hand store and were not even certain it was milk glass. Thank goodness they decided to snag it. I am absolutely thrilled to have this well travelled piece in my collection. 


JaBCreations said...

Lucky you. I am very jealous!

Zara said...

Those little bowls are the sweetest. and double as lucky that they are a pair.

Donna said...

That's a really lovely little collection of interesting pieces! We've got a small collection at the shop in Coolamon that we've collected lately. I've just posted some photos to our Facebook page - have a look! Lisa and Donna @ Kindrawares

Kylie said...

I wasn't really sure it was milk glass to tell you the truth Lea...I'm relieved it was, and glad you like it x

Christina Lowry said...

Oh, these are lovely! I love the contrast of the milky white with the details and bumps and ridges of the patterns, they go so well together. I can see why you would want to collect it! :)

A little bit country said...

Your milk glass is devine. Wonderful finds xo