Saturday, July 5, 2014

A snapshot of June

The cold snap arrived and my stress levels rise a notch as we work a bit harder with Boo's health regime.
We have all had a fair share of icky colds and chesty coughs.
I spent two days in bed and am so grateful to have become unwell on a weekend. I was able to sleep on and off, read and rest while the Mr held the fort. I watched episode after episode of Twin Peaks. Have you seen it? I can't say I'm loving it but of course I've been sucked in now and have to find out who killed Laura Palmer.
There's been making of muesli bars and comfort food like pumpkin risotto and chicken soup-I used Lisa's recipe here.  It was absolutely delicious and how clever she was to slow cook it on the fire place. I just used my regular old slow cooker and it turned out GREAT! It has pumpkin in it too and I threw in a handful of quinoa for good measure. You should definitely make it.
Saturday morning soccer has been followed by visits to the Artisan Bakery for baked treats and hot chocolates. Our boys headed to Melbourne for a night to watch their team. Grammy and Grandy sent us some bagpipes they bought while in Scotland. We spent a happy but chilly weekend with friends in Tumut.

Tonight we have plans to don our beanies and polarfleece, light the fire and toast some marshmallows.
Happy Winter! Stay warm!


Yvette Adams said...

Oh I used to LOVE Twin Peaks! But I haven't seen it since it was on TV originally - over 20 years ago! I remember that it got silly as time went on and I don't even remember if we found out who killed Laura Palmer in the end. I did especially love the first season tho. I loved Audrey. Isn't she beautiful and so stylish.

Mardi said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend Lea...I hope you can keep the lurgy at bay at your house must be a worry.
Twin Peaks....I remember that...the weirdest music from memory.
Mardi x