Monday, February 14, 2011

The cake

Yesterday our littlest love celebrated her 2nd birthday. I have always wanted to make a Red Velvet Cake! So I googled a recipe and raced to the supermarket yesterday-yes the morning of her birthday, if you know me, you won't be suprised about that!!

I used this recipe. I used ordinary old milk instead of buttermilk. I decided not to make four layers because I was afraid to cut the cakes.  Occasionally I mess things up and as I was pressed for time, I had no plan B in the event of a cake crisis.

I think it looked pretty great. It had the wow factor when I cut into it. It was just  a teeny, tiny bit dry.
I would recommend you make the cakes the night before-as stated in the recipe..the part that I didn't read until I was half way through making it.

It tasted great! And best of all...Lulu LOVED it!


Yvette Adams said...

Oh I LOVE a good Red Velvet Cake! It looks GOOD!!! I haven't made it. There used to me someone at the Handmade Markets who made the BEST RV cupcakes. I've had it elsewhere tho and it wasn't even red! Brown Velvet doesn't have the same appeal tho, does it...

karlyn Jackson said...

looks great Lea, so pretty, I love the yellow! and look at your BIG little two year old....big hugs!

Sheree said...

Oh my goodness Lea...she's grown up so fast!!!! What a cutie she is! Great job on the looks absolutely delicious!!!!

Sheree xx