Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colour Challenge

Although Lulu only has a handful of pages for her scrapbook, I have kept a pretty thorough record of her milestones, routines, personality, quirks etc on my family blog. Now that I have two school kids and one toddler who likes a long afternoon sleep, I am thinking there will be a bit more time to catch up on some housework scrapbooking. This week I played along with Lisa's colour challenge here. I LOVE the palette. The colours are gorgeous!

I have a lot of journaling I want to include and that always challenges me so I have tucked the journaling inside the envelope and just included the last line of my journaling on the page. The journaling came directly from my family blog and I wanted to use it just as it was, so an envelope for  a hidden  note seemed the obvious choice.

Journaling reads:

At 12 months you started taking a couple of steps here and there, mainly between furniture. Next you began standing up from crouching position, at 12 and half months you started taking a number of steps to our open arms, first 4 or 5 steps then 9 or 10. The past couple of weeks you started walking more and more, still crawling when you need to get somewhere fast but you are now walking about a lot of the time. You LOVE this new found independence.

You put everything in your mouth. You know you are not supposed to and when we take something out of your mouth, you pop it straight back in and look at us with a very cheeky face.

You eat everything now. You love your food, love to feed yourself and eat most of the things that we eat.

You have started having a big long sleep some days, instead of two shorter ones. You have started standing up in your cot and crying when I tuck you in. This only lasts for a minute and then you settle down to sleep. I LOVE when you wake up from a big sleep. You are all warm and snug and SO happy.

You say Mummum all the time now. You say Ta, wave a lot, you sing a song-make a little sound on our request for singing, you know lots of body parts and point to them upon request-eyes, nose, foot, hands, head, tummy, tongue oh you have some teeth now too. Finally you have some teeth! You have cut the bottom two teeth.

You weigh 8.8kg, still wear size 0.

You love to wrestle. If we are laying on the floor, you come crawling over SO fast and belly flop onto us. The big kids love it. Mummy and Daddy do too.

I can see SO much personality coming out now. A little glimpse of the feisty little girl you might grow to be. Love you SO much baby girl!

Gosh I really chopped and changed this page around! It ended up completely different to what  I planned (in my head) but I am happy with the end result. Do you have a plan in your head or a  sketch or does your page simply evolve as you are creating??


Yvette Adams said...

Look at all those little bits of pretty! And your favourite green sheet! Such a gorgeous photo of Lulu too.

Sheree said...

Such a gorgeous page Lea! That pic is so sweet too!

Sheree xx

karlyn Jackson said...

It's beautiful lea

Deb said...

Your layout is just gorgeous, Lea and scrolling your little baby is growing up.....she is soooooooooo adorable.

Mardi said...

Lea...this is the most adorable layout.
That green fabric and the most adorable photo of Miss L...its beautiful.
I love seeing your layouts..and reading about your gorgeous family.
Mardi x

Little Piece of Pie said...

Your journal entry is lovely, I kept a journal for my little one until his first birthday, he's almost two now and I wish I had kept it up. You've inspired me to start it up again, it's such a treasured keepsake to have.