Monday, November 28, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I love Sunday nights! I scoot my little loves off to bed and then I sit down with a cup of tea and my lap top ...well on my lap, and check in with Her Library Adventures. I look forward to this bliss all day. And while I have been trying to curb my own thrifting addiction hobbie, I still like to check on everyone elses.

I am however, joining in this week with just a few bits and pieces that were claimed after visiting my mama yesterday. My mum is kind of lady that will give you her coat if you mention you are cold. Last week I made a comment about these jars and how I have always liked them... this week I am the happy new owner.
Thank you Mum! They belonged to my Nonna and they have been in the kitchen cupboard throughout my childhood.
 And as she had a little declutter of her cupboards, these plates were all passed on as well. I have fond memories of them all as they have had much use in our family home over the years.

And on the op shopping front, I was thrilled to find a couple of new vintage sheets. I have been selling off a stack of fat 1/4's at our little fundraiser blog Little Bits of Pretty so my stash was looking a little depleted. I am very happy with these new additions because I have a new quilt in the pipeline.

 For more flea market finds, pop over here.


karlyn Jackson said...

I have seen your stash and I highly doubt it is looking depleted, love the new additions anyway, oh and those green jars....god love you Margie.xx

Yvette Adams said...

I love the green and white jar - how lovely that she has given them to you now. :) Love the first sheet too!

Sheree said...

Those jars are so lovely Lea! So nice that you now have all those beautiful pieces in your home that have so many memories attached to them.

Sheree xx