Sunday, November 27, 2011


Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I thought it timely to reflect and write a little 'thankful list' if you like. Sometimes I am so consumed by lifes challenges that I miss the joy and there is SO MUCH JOY for our little family. It is part of our everyday.

Today this little girl brought us much JOY.

Her Daddy walked into our ensuite to find a big pile of sparkly bronzing powder all over the floor. She had obviously walked right through it and left some little sparkly footprints on our bedroom carpet. The Mr commented that she must have hightailed it out of there pretty quickly because the space between her footprints was huge! When he asked her about the sparkly mess, she told us 'it was Bella'. We asked her again and she told us 'it was Ollie'. A bit of detective work and measuring of footprints was needed and we concluded it was in fact the littlest love! The big kids thought the whole thing hilarious!!!

A few things I am thankful for this past week...
Thankful for medicine. Thankful that it keeps our Bella as healthy as she can be.

Thankful for my fatherinlaw who came to my aid this week when I reversed into the top of the garage door. (it wasn't quite up) He did a great job panel beating it pretty again and minimising the damage before the Mr got home from work. Eeeek!

Thankful for my dearest dad who picked up the bigs from school the other day which enabled both Lulu and I to have a much needed afternoon nap.Ahhh simple pleasures:)

Thankful for a night away.
Our second time away together in nearly 10 years.
There was singing, dancing, laughter, much fun, memories made with dear friends...reliving our youth...
and a rather big headache the next morning!


Thankful for a weekend sleep in.
Thankful for the Christmas Issues of my favourite mags.
Thankful for the two cappuchinos G made me and brought to me in bed while I slept in and read magazines!

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! I am!


karlyn Jackson said...

and I'm thankful to have a best friend like you...and three gorgeous god children.....Oh and a dear friend in Grantly.

Mardi said...

What a beautiful thankful post.....I had a little chuckle at Miss L... you have such a gorgeous family Lea.... so much to be thankful for.
Mardi x

Bungalowgirl said...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend away and love that first photo.Initially I thought she was painting her lips with NAIL POLISH so I was quite relieved that the situation was slightly more joyful! Good on you for finding those snippets of joy, you are an inspiration to me that you have such a lovely blog while living a very real, complicated life. melxx

Yvette Adams said...

awwwww lovely. xo

teresa said...

What a wonderful, make-you-smile, post. Just loved reading it and seeing what makes you thankful and happy. I love looking for all those precious things that make us happy, grateful and glad to be amongst it all! Have a great day xx