Sunday, April 1, 2012

Op shopping

Just when I was thinking my blog (and my house) was looking like a bad episode of 'Hoarders' I stumbled across this fabulous find. Imagine!

So my new mantra...'keep on op shopping'.
On that note, let me introduce you to this weeks finds.

Pretty flannelette florals. I can't get enough of flannelette sheeting these days. I am loving the soft worn textures. Some lovely chenille bedspreads. Great condition! One for the bed and one for a quilt back. I now have everything I need to make Ollie a vintage quilt.

Some lovely books, damaged and perfect for paper crafting.
A pretty floral pillowcase and a sweet mustard yellow cup and saucer.


Have you found anything special this week?
As usual, I am linking in with Flea Market Finds.


Zara said...

Lea, a successful week for you on the op-shopping front. Love all those linens. That reminds me, I need to finish my patchwork quilt before it gets too cool. x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

They are going to make a gorgeous quilt! Love the Alice in Wonderland book I've become obsessed with it recently. x

Yvette Adams said...

I thought the Picasso thing might be an April Fools prank, but the story is a few days old so apparently not! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a Sydney Nolan then.

Oh I thought the last pic was a tablecloth! It's a gorgeous unique print. Wonderful colours.

Bungalowgirl said...

Your blog vanished before I could post a comment, so relieved you came back! Love the chenilles and flannies- I have a similar collection awaiting snipping too. And that pillowcase- have the exact same floral but in a peach background. melx

Catherine said...

You've found some beautiful fabrics there and those chenille bedspreads are a favourite of mine. I can't wait to see gorgeous quilt you'll create. x