Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Snippets

I ummed and ahhhhed about participating in the photo a day challenge but honestly, I am just hopeless at these things. Seen as I have neglected our family blog for oooh six months or so now, I just thought I would try and record some monthly snippets here instead. So, without further ado...the March Snippets!

I had a birthday. We went out for Chinese to celebrate.
The Mr bought and potted some herbs for me. I am so happy about that!
I think I am happier than I was at 37.

Boo turned ten. 10! Some days I think 10 is the new 13!
One Sunday I decided to buy tickets online to see Taylor Swift in Melbourne-the following day! So just me and my big girl went to the concert. Her very first concert. I think I was about 20 when I went to my first concert. I am SO happy I took her. The concert was fantastic! A wonderful first concert for Miss 10.
She loved every minute of it. My favourite bit was toward the end when she was tired and asked to sit on my lap. I loved every minute of it.

I had my hair dyed back to brown.

We had a garage sale. We sold our cot and change table. Boo hoo.
But it's time to move into the next stage. Our little family have many plans.

G surprised us with this! Yes it's pink! That didn't hinder Ollie's enthusiasm one bit!

Boo was funny. The Mister had a rope attached to the back while they were learning. He runs along behind them and if they get into trouble, he pulls the rope which flicks a switch and stops the bike. Boo took off so fast that she pulled the rope out of G's hand. He couldn't catch her. He yelled out to her as she raced around the paddock. He was yelling her name and holding up his hand in a stop signal. Eventually she rode up to him and gave him a high five. Yep a stop signal can definately be mistaken for a high five. Clearly she has driven quad bikes in her dreams because she knew just what to do.

 Ollie, on the other hand needs a bit more time on his L plates.

The little ones and I had a really fun afternoon at the mini railway. We had such a happy time.

 I tried some new recipes. A delicious frittata recipe found in Real Living Magazine.

There have many playdates. We had Ruby over. And Ned and Tom. We played with Dayne and Halle. O went to Finbar's. We had a bbq at the park with school friends. We had afternoon tea at Annie's and at Liss' too.

There has been band practise and music lessons, swimming squad, reading groups, parent/teacher interviews. I am counting down the days until the school holidays.

G and his dad went to the Mulwala Classic. A special trip for them each year.

Boo has a staph infection.

All three had their flu shots.

The big kids had their eyes checked. Guess who is wearing glasses now?

PS Don't forget to change the clocks tonight. Daylight saving ends at 3am tomorrow!


Yvette Adams said...

Who's wearing glasses? Is it you? So funny about the high five. I miss your family posts.

Teresa said...

Wonderful post... loved every bit of it.... especially the high five..that was just too perfect and glad you captured it. Great photos. Love, love, love family!

karlyn Jackson said...


Catherine said...

It sounds like a busy but fun month in your home. The Taylor Swift concert would have been a nice first concert for the two of you to go to and a very special birthday present to mark the start of double digits. I love the high five moment too:)