Monday, March 19, 2012

Op shopping bits and pieces

A little assortment of bits and pieces this past week.

Some more pretty florals...yep MORE! $2.00

Some lovely disney books $2.00

A coin purse because I needed one. $2.00

This little piece which I really love. $3.00

Something about it just called out to me. I walked around the Salvos with it, while I thought up a plan for it.
I think it will be very pretty with some daffodil bulbs planted in it. Any other ideas?

And finally, I bought two of these chairs last month. They were $25.00 each.
Hubby has moved this one inside and has claimed it as his new morning coffee drinking spot.
I have plans to get some new foam cut and new covers as well. For now I am happy enough with the mustard covers and Zara's gorgeous cushion looks right at home there, I think.

Have you been op shopping lately too? Once again, I am linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.


teawithhazel said...

i love all of your finds..op shopping is an addiction of mine but i don't post about it often..i bought a huge embroidered tablecloth this morning for $4..bargain.. :)

Michelle said...

Oh love the green floral, the pretty purse and that gorgeous vase, is there a makers mark on it?

Just like Martha said...

Hi there Lea, you always manage some wonderful finds, love the Disney books how special!

Yvette Adams said...

You have so much vintage sheet success! I love the little purse.

Zara said...

More florals, lucky you.
I think daffodils would look perfect in the vase. and glad the cushion is getting some use. x

Kylie said...

I love the mustard Lea.
Zara's cushion looks perfect atop it.

Anonymous said...

Great finds.
The vase is stunning and bulbs would look beautiful.
Those chairs were also a great buy.

Bungalowgirl said...

Can't believe you found even more sheety goodness! melx

karlyn Jackson said...

I do love that chair!

Mardi said...

You find the loveliest finds Lea...its always a treat to pop by and see them all. Love the yellow skirt....its adorable.
Mardi xx