Friday, March 9, 2012

For the love of thrifting

This morning I decided to go for a little drive to visit some country oppies. Usually my thrifting consists of popping into the op shops on my way by or when I have 10 minutes to spare. But today, Lulu and I headed out for a morning of thrifting in it's own right!

We visited 4 op shops and picked up a few bits and pieces including these lovely linens. Some beautiful florals, a lovely paisley, some great prints for a 'vintage boy quilt' too. A very pretty flannel pillowcase, so soft with just the perfect amount of wearing. And to top it off a linen tablecloth in perfect condition and some fun, bright floral runners.

I am rather pleased with this little haul. They are all in the washing machine as I type. I have laundry piling up but the motivation to wash those precious fabrics was HUGE ;)

Hopefully a bit more show and tell on Sunday!
Have you been thrifting this week? I hope you've found something you love!


Bungalowgirl said...

Oh these fabrics are fantastic, and all so cleverly complimentary to each other as well. The tablecloth on top is gorgeous. such a good idea to sneak out of town a bit, my inner city oppies are not serving much chop lately for linens, think they have all been fleeced. melx

Liz said...

Great finds - love the colours!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Mardi said...

What beautiful linens Lea....and the dresser makeover is GORGEOUS!!
I was so worried when I heard about the flooding in your region....Im so thankful that you are ok.
Mardi x

Rachel said...

I too would be super pleased with this haul! especially love the floral print 3 down from the top in your stack: the runners I think? love bold floral prints.