Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kids making

Today the littlest love and I went for a walk to collect some of the last Autumn leaves. Despite the gorgeous sunny days we are having, the winter chill has hit and the trees are almost bare.

We had a lovely time crunching in the brown, dried up leaves. We chatted about the shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Lulu made some pretty leaf rubbings using oil pastels and then added some vibrant Autumn colour using some water paint (food dye with a few drops of water).

Next up was an easy peasy collage. I cut a big piece of clear contact and peeled off the backing.  Miss 3 arranged the leaves ever so carefully on the sticky side. I love this kind of's quick, it's easy for little hands, no glue means no mess and it makes a pretty piece of window art.

And finally, some snaps that were taken during a little Autumn getaway in our caravan recently.

Are you ready for Winter?
Has the cold weather arrived at your place yet or are you still enjoying the Autumn warmth?


Zara said...

Beautiful Autumn colour.
Great crafts too.

Yvette Adams said...

Look at that proud little artist. That crafting reminds me of your playgroup activities. Collages with contact was one of my favourite anti-mess activities. :)

Sheree said...

Hi Lea! I've just been catching up on your blog posts of late. The little skirts you've been making are so cute! Love the beautiful autumn pics and fun autumn crafts too!

Sheree xx

Catherine said...

Autumn is such a beautiful season down south where you live with all of the beautiful colours of the leaves. It looks like you had a lovely little getaway together, love sitting down and playing a game of UNO:) It's cooler here and I'm not minding it so far. x