Monday, May 28, 2012

Making lately

A little floral skirt for a sweet little friend of Lulu's.

Some pretty gift happy to be cutting into a badly damaged tablecloth from the oppy.

Upcycled envelopes. Love making these.
I think there might be some therapy in all the cutting, folding and sticking.

Banana bread, baked weekly at our place. Lasts no more than a couple of days.

Talin's crowns. With all my heart I believe every thought, wish, prayer, facebook message, dollar, crown counts. It does! It all counts and whatever you can do to show some support to little Talin and his family counts.

Have a wonderful week!


tea with hazel said...

i am totally in love with this skirt pretty..jane

Zara said...

The cross stitch tablecloth tags are perfect. What a great way to use damaged linens.
And banana bread on a Johnson plate, so lovely.

Fiona said...

That skirt is adorable. I used to make recycled envelopes, must make some more ... The crown are so bright and happy. Well done,

Mardi said...

Lea I always love your makings!
I love the way you upcycle and breathe life back into all things vintage.
Thanks so much for sharing Talins link with so touched me....and I feel so lucky to have been able to help out... even in a small way.... because it does count!
Mardi xx

karlyn Jackson said...

very good looking crowns Lea, must finish mine today.xx

Yvette Adams said...

How I love the tags!!!!! So beautiful. The skirt is adorable too. I bet she loved it.

Thanks for sharing the crowns link with me. I hope they reach 100.

Brave New Fiona said...

Nostalgia in vintage anything is so delicious. I slept on a set of those sheets as a kid that you made the skirt from and I totally adore your tags. So creative and delightful. A visit to your blog never disappoints. xx Fi

Jane said...

Oh Lea! I adore seeing your craftiness at work. And you've answered a question I had been wondering - now I know that you didn't have to embroider those cards! I bought some from you once and was hoping you hadn't gone to that much trouble ☺. Thanks so much for linking up with the POTMC. J x

Gina said...

You are so creative!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Thank you so much! The crowns were stunning!