Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why hello there

A funny thing happened today. I was heading out to pick up the girls from my parents place-only 5 mins away and I asked Ollie to grab my camera. Now I often take my camera when I am out and about but I'm not really sure why I decided to take it in this instance. Ollie grabbed the camera and passed it to me saying 'as long as you don't stop on the road to take pictures'. Odd. Not really because I have been known to stop for a photo opportunity but more so when we are holidaying, not simply driving from one suburb to another to pick up the girls. Hang in there, the real story is coming, I promise...

Anyway, as we were driving along I spotted this little guy.

Saving his life was definately the highlight of the day. I picked him up and moved him to safety. Thank goodness he didn't wee on me and fingers crossed he will stay off the road.

He was very lucky to have dodged a few cars and we were very lucky to meet him.
And how lucky I had my camera!

So we've been googling this and that in the hope of identifying him and we are certainly learning a lot about turtles, tortoises and terrapins.

After all the excitement, we got back in the car and the boy said to me 'I told you not to stop on the road and take pictures' and we laughed.

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trishie said...

That's a very sweet thing you did! My husband and I saved a tortoise stranded in the middle of the highway once too. It was bleeding a bit so we put him in the car and placed him near a creek. Hope he survived.

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