Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello! I know my blogging is rather sporadic at the moment. To be honest, I just haven't been feeling it lately. I've been busy and happy. There has been making, baking and photo taking. A spot of running! Despite the lack of blogging, I have kept up with my portrait a week for The 52 Project. Miss 11 isn't fond of featuring on mama's blog these days. I knew this time would come eventually. So herein all photographs of the big girl will be published only after her explicit approval ;)

As well as the usual goings on, I have been quite the little sewer/sewist of late. I just completed my third 'grown up' skirt for the year as well as a new dress for the little love. This week though, I've found some hand stitching to be a lovely mindless therapy while watching a bit of telly. This little cushion was inspired by the amazing Dottie Angel. It is the 'happy heart kantha cushion' project from Granny Chic.

I do love the heart and think I'll make that one too.

On the thrifty front, I found this nice, sturdy old chair at Vinnies last month.

My rotten gorgeous kids managed to break 2 of my apple glasses recently so apple glasses have been put back on the thrifting list. We have used these daily and two were accidently broken, a day apart. I am a big believer of using stuff you love though. No point keeping things for a rainy day. The hunt continues...

Have you found any lovely treasures lately? I'm linking up with Max today to show off my lonely little chair.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break.


karlyn Jackson said...

Oh I can't imagine Harvey with big top teeth either, they start to look so grown up. Love the cushion Lea, the stitching looks great, I'll have to try that with my cushions. I have a few finds I really should blog about. Can't wait to catch up in the hols. xxx

Zara said...

Hvae missed your lovely posts. but glad to hear life is going along swimmingly for you.
How cute is the cushion. the handstitching is such a special touch.

Max said...

Beautiful, and it looks perfect on that lovely chair doesn't it! I just loaned granny chic from the library, great eye candy in the abscence of much time to craft! Lovely to have you linking up again, happy stitching x

Kylie said...

Hi Lea, I love your beautiful cushion, your lovely old chair and your chocolate birds nest with little speckled eggs (my faves - yum!) x

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I agree. Our fleamarket is full of stuff from house clearances of old people who kept everything for best, for it just to be sold for peanuts. It's wrong to not use things that make you happy.