Friday, April 5, 2013

March Snippets in April

In no particular order...
  • I became a 39 year old
  • Our big girl turned 11 and an ombre pink cake was made with success.
  • The boy lost his top front tooth
  • He is finally riding his bike with confidence and did the 5.5km ride around the lake.
  • We began a new weekly ritual of Boo cooking dinner with her daddy on Sunday nights. It's been a SO good- daddy/daughter time, independence and responsibility, trying new meals, a night off for the mama. SO good. 
  • The weather is finally cooling. 
  • Miss 11 enjoyed a day excursion to Canberra.
  • Lulu has settled at preschool. They told me she 'has found her niche'.
  • Enjoyed the best breakie ever! I urge you to make a batch. Yummeeee!
  • The bigs finished their season of softball as did the Mr. His team made it to the grandfinal. He played a super game as catcher.
  • Making the most of the weather with lots of outside playing, painting, walking, bike riding. We are enjoying our park morning with friends each Wednesday.
  • Fish and chips for tea on Good Friday at Grammy and Grandy's place.
  • Roses galore!


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Donna said...

I hope Boo is experimenting with the Junior Masterchef cookbook she bought from "Kindrawares" in Coolamon a few weeks ago! Gorgeous blog by the way! Donna