Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good things lately

1. A spot of making- cushion cover made from thrifted cross stitch, vintage floral and some too small for me jeans.
2. Lemon Crinkles. Thanks Miss Kylie!
3.  Floral tin $5 from a new found treasure trove in my town. I was going to put it in the garden but now I'm having second thoughts.
4. Seedlings sprouting. The littlest love gave me the little biodegradable pot for mothers day this year. It came with a peat pellet and a little packet of mixed seeds. We planted them together and now we are watching them grow.
5. Goodbye Winter
6. Littlest love being her funny little self.

Please let me know if you have a 'good things' type post. I'd love to see what good things make you smile.


Bungalowgirl said...

Love the cushion and I just found that exact tin in orange, you cannot banish it to outside! mel x

Kylie said...

Hi Lea, did you like 'em?

Gorgeous cushion, tin and littlest!

I have wrapped your green glass and I'll pop it in the post next week (I haven't forgotten!)

Kylie x

Zara said...

Beautiful cushion creation Lea. A lovely to use those precious vintage linen pieces. x

Mardi said...

Im always excited when I see you have posted Lea....these 'good things' type posts are my favourite.
Mardi x