Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Mail

Recently another Lee, sent a beautiful little package my way. She knows how much I love vintage music paper and I rarely come across any around my parts, so it was gratefully received. It was one of those little out of the blue packages. It was SO thoughtful and a wonderful surprise-totally made me my day. Bloggers are nice like that aren't they?

Well it's made a home on a wall in my little making space.
I had a merry old time pinning it up with some vintage friends. It is a work in progress and I am still adding to it as the mood strikes. I love how it is evolving and I get to enjoy it every time I walk in the room which is much better than having it stashed away for a rainy day. There's all kinds of lovely-dictionary pages, botanical prints, bible pages, recipes and some wonderful pages from an old Womens Weekly.

It's my little wall of wisdom, full of all kinds of tips and tricks, recipes and inspiration.
Here's a few favourites.

Ginger Beer anyone?

Beauty tips might be more up your alley...
'Don't be discouraged!' This is my first word of advice to women in the thirties and upwards who on account of past neglect or use of wrong methods, see with dismay their hair fading, their skin yellowing and becoming course, their figure spreading.

 I shall not be discouraged!

My goodness, who knew you could catch a cold from mustard poultice!

And if all that advice wasn't enough... a little bit of wisdom from Emerson. Spot on, I think!


Mardi said...

What a beautiful thoughtful gift from Lee....and your wall is looking amazing lea.
Thanks for sharing some of the treasures with us... priceless arent they.
Mardi x

Max said...

that wall looks lovely lea. i bet that ginger beer tastes interesting from a rinsed out kerosene can!!!
dare i say blogger gifts are the best kind? (aside from kid drawings that is). have a top weekend x

Just like Martha said...

Hi Lea,
wow the wall looks amazing - you go girl! So thrilled you loved your little pressie. Love, love your new blog banner - you have been busy x
Hope all is well in your little neck of the woods x

Mezz said...

oh, how I love your wall of wisdom. its so wonderful!! xx

Sarah Rostron said...

Fabulous wall. Amazing