Thursday, November 14, 2013


My big girl is in hospital at the moment so it has been a week of up and downs.
In the hope of finding a bit of calm amongst the storm I thought I might post some of the posts sitting in my drafts folder.
A wee bit of thrifty show n tell today. My days of thrifting are few and far between these days but sometimes I pop in to an oppy or two on the run. Recently, I picked up some pretty sheeting. One can never have enough right?

This pretty tapestry was a had to have and a pretty remnant of fabric might become a cushion cover if she's lucky.

I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into a little revamp project down the track. It's been quite a while and I think a lick of paint and some vintage wallpaper make pretty this up a little. Just perfect at $1.00

Some Johnson dinner plates, a bargain price of $1.00 for the stack of 6.

Lucky last..a lovely floral tablecloth in beautiful condition.

Have you been thrifting lately? Is it still your favourite pastime or have you signed up for thriftaholics anon?
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Kylie said...

Hi Lea, beautiful finds. (sometimes I think the less time you spend in op-shops, the better stuff you find when you do go - or at least it seems that way to me...)
Thinking of your big girl. I hope she's home soon and feeling much better soon. Poor little kiddo.
Take care Lea x

Zara said...

I do hope your big girl is back home soon.
Beautiful finds. the sheets are very pretty. While op-shopping today I added a couple of sheets to my collection too. x

Susan said...

Wishing your big girl a speedy recovery; I hope she is home with you very soon.
Very pretty sheets - your Op Shop finds are almost identical to my recent finds which included that pretty Johnson plate pattern (my daughter since begged it from me), the tapestry, and the heavy linen furnishing remnant. It was a bit spooky looking at your finds!
Love the dolls' house - how cute is that!

Yvette Adams said...

You find such wonderful things. I love the fabrics and NEVER find any like that in Canberra!

karlyn Jackson said...

ohh! love the sheeting. I founds some great ones yesterday too at Vinnies with Ade and Ellie. The little house is perfect, can't wait to see it finished. xx

Max said...

sorry to hear about your girl, hope she's home and healthy soon.
love those sheets in particular, so pretty. lovely to have you linking in x

Fiona said...

Gorgeous fabrics and I like your wee house...I've got one waiting for a makeover too.

kit and nancy. said...

delicious finds! that blue remnant fabric? perfection!