Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wrapped with love

One of my favourite things about giving is wrapping the gift. Sometimes I theme the wrapping to tie in with the gift, sometimes I wrap with something that I think the receiver will love and can maybe reuse and other times I use it as an excuse to have fun and get creative. Always though, they are wrapped with love.

Here's a few things I've wrapped and snapped with the intention of one day posting them on my blog.
Today is that one day.

Lots of layering on this one. Reliving my papercrafting past and sharing some of the things I love with a beautiful blogging friend. Washi tape, map paper, stitching, a photograph I took at my favourite cafe Ajanta, paper doily, bookpaper, and some beautiful pianola music as the main wrap.

A little assortment of papers punched into flowers and circles and stitched together to make a pretty garland that can be reused. Inside some home made peanut butter choc chunk cookies. Yum! I make these for my sis in laws birthday each year; her favourite!

Tiny tags, only a few cm in width. I've added some pink paint and them stamped over the top once dry. Simple I know but sweet all the same.

Handmade cushion from a vintage calendar teatowel was stitched for a beautiful friends birthday earlier this year. Wrapped with love and sewing pattern paper. A little offcut from the teatowel made the perfect addition to the shipping tag, I think.

And finally, one from the vault. This was a Christmas gift for my nephew's girlfriend. This time I've run with theming to wrap to go with the gift. A bit of fun putting this one together. I've popped in the card from Violet Bella (the etsy store I purchased the necklace from).

Looking over these snaps, it seems I like to go with a brown paper/neutral wrapping with pops of colour and textured added.

Do you like gift buying? Gif giving? Gift wrapping?
Are you anxious about Christmas shopping or is it right up your alley?
Have you even started yet? Maybe you are super dooper organised and you have finished already!


Kylie said...

YOU are the lovely one Lea! x

Zara said...

Gift wrapping is one of my favourite bits too. I stick mostly with brown paper as well. I like to use washi tape, paper doilies and twine. x

karlyn Jackson said...

You are the best wrapper I know…seriously. I always love getting my perfectly wrapped gifts and I only just used my last little Papilion tag. You should have published my beautiful box of cards you made or the box of of wrapping lovelies you gave me last year. It aways makes me smile when I open that box. xxx

Mezz said...

ooo i love this post!i adore wrapping gifts too, but u have taken it to a whole new level!these are works of art! xx

Van said...

Beautiful piece! I love gift buying/wrapping but don't find much time for it ;p Gotta try to this year.

Just like Martha said...

Beautiful wrapping...for me its ALL about the wrapping, I love favourite thing to do every year is work at the Bear Cottage gift wrapping stall at the local thinks I take way too long though to wrap the presents and wish I had my bits and pieces to make the wrapping extra what you have done with your wrapping here Lea, especially love the box and feather combo...oh and of course the music paper!! Hope your little one is much better now and home from hospital xox

Yvette Adams said...

I always love your wrappings. It's a gift in itself! I so love my cushion. Actually I should turn it around this month to show Dave's special day of birth.