Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A snapshot of March

I know April is almost over but March you were beautiFULL!
  •  A special birthday breakfast with the ones I love.
  •  A night out with some beautiful girlfriends.
  • I went to hear Microwave Jenny sing their sweet tunes-their last gig before they headed overseas. Love em.
  • Finally, the citrus trees I have been longing for. A lemon, a lime and an orange.
  • A birthday celebration for our big girl too. A pool party. Boys and girls. Donut eating competitions. Truth or dare. Hamburgers. An icecream bar. One very happy girl.
  • The kiddos played their last game of softball for the season. 
  • A FABULOUS day at Talbingo Dam. The kiddos had a ball riding the biscuit. Boo did a super job water skiing. Riley took them skurfing. So blessed to have extended family loving our kids like we do. Our children do not have any cousins of similar ages to grow alongside, to play with. But they are blessed to have patient and caring big cousins. Big cousins that take them shopping and out for lunch. That give drum lessons and take them water skiing. That listen to their stories and wrestle and indulge in their antics despite them being sometimes annoying. I digress.
  •  The littlest love ate an apple with the skin on for the very first time. This was kind of a big deal.
  • And I cannot forget a special visit with Bonnie. We puppy sat the sweetest little daschound for most of March. We all fell in love with her, including the Mr who has dug his heels in firmly with a big fat no, when we've all pleaded for a dog. I can at least see a glimmer of hope now and we'll keep trying to twist his arm.


Bungalowgirl said...

It's a busy happy life isn't it? I think I need to do the whole month summary as well! mel x

Mardi said...

What a wonderful month Lea...
(nice to know I am not the only one rushing in at the last minute with a long overdue monthly round-up) Life moves by too fast
Mardi xx

Yvette Adams said...

What a lovely post.

It was a special night out on a special day for a special girl. :)