Sunday, April 27, 2014


We have been enjoying the slower pace of school hols.
We are loving the cooler Autumn days. Still sunfilled but cool enough for an extra layer.
We had the most wonderful lazy afternoon on Good Friday. The kiddos played at the park for a few hours...swinging and climbing trees, playing hide n seek, fish n chips for lunch, while the mamas lay in the sun on a blanket and talked non stop. It was a very good Friday indeed.

There has been making and baking.
I finished my sew along skirt. Fashion parade to come ;)
We had a delicious camp oven roast for dinner on Easter Sunday followed by our usual Easter treats of speckled eggs in a chocolate noodle nest. Always a winner!

Slowly but surely I am sending out some happy mail. If you are waiting...thank you for your patience.
I am enjoying putting your mail together. I hope you enjoy receiving it too.

The Mr and I enjoyed a rare night away sans children.
We spent a night in Orange and it's surrounds. We visited an op shop or two and some lovely second hand stores. I snapped up this lovely piece of fenton milk glass at the salvos. A sweet $15.00 It really is a beautiful piece.

We also enjoyed the most amazing coffee and breakfast-I swear I did not eat for the rest of the day because I was SO full. If you ever visit Orange, I thoroughly recommend Factory Espresso. I also thoroughly recommend you visit the nearby town of Millthorpe. 

In other thrifting news, I found this pyrex bowl at my local. A bargain at just $2.00
Just one more piece to complete the set, I think.

I have much more to show n tell but this post has been sitting in my drafts folder all week so I'm just going hit publish now ok!


Bungalowgirl said...

Ooh what a lovely time you had away, and that fenton is spesh! never seen one like that before and that shape is so nice for stuffing flowers into picked by little girls. Regarding that pyrex set, is it the biggest brown bowl you are missing? if so I think I have a spare and would love you to have it - i have the full set already but love to save stragglers and help them find their families! mel x

karlyn Jackson said...

I have that set too all in orange.
Was a very special Good Friday indeed, you seem to be sneaking a few nice catch up lately.


karlyn Jackson said...

I mean WE seem to be sneaking a few nice catch ups.

Mardi said...

Always love your posts Lea... lots of special family memories and thrifty prettiness...and your beautiful happy mail parcels are just so thoughtful and beautifully are a sweetheart.
Mardi x

Zara said...

Ohh the milk glass. I miss the Orange op-shops. Did you get to the three in town? There's also 2 cute little ones in Blayney just out of Milthorpe.
The chocolate nests are a lovely easter treat. x