Monday, September 6, 2010

Handmade love

For Fathers Day, the children always make their daddy a present. We don't spend a lot of money on expensive gifts for Fathers Day. Sometimes they shop for something inexpensive, sometimes I buy a children's picture book about daddies for them to share at bedtime but they always make something. This year Bella made a choc chip and oatmeal cookie at school and a sweet card. I LOVED what she wrote in it.

My Dad rocks...You make me smile...I love my Dad...

and this poem...

Father is
a bit of a Twit
Happy chappy
favourite colour is Red

LOVE it! Not too sure about the athletic bit though.

Ollie brought home a card he had painted at preschool. And a cute poem about dads with his handprints on it.

I thought Lulu had best make him something as well. She had a great time painting this brown paper bag.

We filled it with chocolates and I stitched some circles along the top using a circle punch and paper scraps.

All gifts were very well received, as was a sleep in, breakfast in bed and the afternoon on the couch watching his team win their game. Hope you had a happy Father's Day too!


Yvette Adams said...

Mmmm that paint looks mighty tasty. And is that Bella's old top?

Sounds like you had a lovely Fathers Day. :) Dave had a good day too. :)

karlyn Jackson said...

Bet Grantly had a lovely day, love Lu Lus little bag.

Sheree said...

Mmmmm...tasty paint! LOL Looks like little Lucia had such fun painting for Daddy! (I can't believe how much she's grown Lea!)

So glad you all had such a lovely Fathers' Day together. :)

Sheree xx