Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new quilt

I have a new quilt in the making. Yes I still have the binding to complete on boo's quilt and yes I still have a log cabin cushion to complete-I have done the quilting tho so watch this space:) I am the queen of unfinished projects or should I say works in progress?

BUT after visiting our Great Nanna Belle recently, I came home very motivated to sew a quilt to make her new space seem more like a home and less like a hospital room. So that night I cut some very simple 10 inch squares with a bunch of fabrics in my stash.

So now I have another quilt top on the go! I am going to have a go at quilting this myself, some straight stitching both vertically and horitonzally. Wish me luck!


Sheree said...

What a pretty mix of colours and fabrics Lea! She will love it!!!

Sheree xx

Yvette Adams said...

Oh Lea it's just beautiful. The fabrics are gorgeous. Nanna Belle will just love it! You've done heaps already! I know you're motivated to finish this one quickly so it will happen!

karlyn Jackson said...

Good Luck lea lea, you already know I love it!