Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apple catchers

A long time ago I bookmarked the 'cutest ever baby pants' in the Meet me at Mikes book by Pip Lincolne. I thought I had better have a go at making them seen as Lulu is hardly a baby anymore. Still our baby but I think it's borderline that she be wearing the cutest ever baby pants. I made them in some cheapo fabric from Big W. They turned out okay so I might make another pair in some favourite fabric.

Lulu LOVES them cos they have 'fwourwahs' (flowers). It was very tricky to get a decent shot of Miss Busy. She just wouldn't stay still.

 I remember wearing these little pants under my sports uniform in Kindergarten. We called them 'apple catchers' back then.Did you wear apple catchers too?

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karlyn Jackson said...

How could I forget those Tolland royal blue apple catchers.........Hmmmm, has me thinking where they get their silly name. V cute pants on little Lu! well done you!