Monday, October 25, 2010

Binding Practise

A little dolly quilt for Lulu's 'bubba'. What a good little mummy she is.

And after my practise run on the dolly quilt it was onto bigger and better things.

FINALLY! Introducing.....the 'Belle' quilt-named after it's recipient our dear Nanna Belle.
Testing the single sized quilt out on Bella's king single bed.

I didn't particularly enjoy the handstitching of the binding and I must confess some parts are a bit dodgy but I am thrilled to have completed a quilt. I have definately learned things along the way. Mistakes made = lessons learned and improved knowledge. I can't wait to deliver it this afternoon. I am oh so tired of looking at it:)


karlyn Jackson said...

It looks fabulous Lea, you should be very proud of it. Dolly quilt is cute too, Lu Lu looks very pleased!

Sheree said...

Cute little dolly quilt Lea....and your Belle quilt is beautiful! You're SO very clever!! I'll be she just adored it!

Sheree xx

Yvette Adams said...

Lulu looks a lot like Bella in the second photo! The dolls quilt is gorgeous!! I LOVE the mix of fabrics and Nanna Belle's quilt is just beautiful. She will love it for sure. I'm so impressed you made it so quickly too! FINISHED!!!

Have you moved Bella's room around?