Tuesday, March 22, 2011

123 challenge

I thought I'd have a go at the 123 challenge this month. It's been ages since I have played along but I've always loved this challenge blog. The March criteria- the word to/too/two, light to medium blue and doilies.

When we were at Bunnings on the weekend, Boo collected a bunch of paint swatches as she does... she teamed a few together and announced they were her favourites. Seeing the medium blue colour, I decided to use her little swatches as further inspiration for my layout.

I used some thrifted sheeting to make the pink floral fabric tape-super easy, just ran it through the xyron as well as using a little clothing tag. I'm a hoarder and I keep a lot of bits and pieces so I am really trying to use them or toss them.

I created the layout and had to add an envelope for my journaling. I took the journaling from Lulu's birthday post and I couldn't fit it on my page so an envelope it was.

Journaling reads:

Oh baby girl you are TWO!

In the last few weeks you have been saying SO many new words. You are repeating things you hear and can put two words together.
Pretty' is your new favourite word.

You run so fast now Lulu. You run up and down the stairs without holding the wall.

You love swimming and when the big kids are getting ready for a swim, you run to find your togs and say 'Lulu pool' over and over until we say yes. You say 'yayyyyyyyyyyyy' a lot!

We say hip hip and you say 'HOORAYYYYY'. You love books and say 'book book wead'. You had a little taste of some milo and now whenever I pour a cup of milo you run to the pantry and put at the tin saying 'miloo' over and over until I sprinkle a teeny, tiny bit in your milk.

You are having some success on the potty and like wearing your 'uddies uddies'.

You have had a couple of tantrums, a bit of pinching, hitting and throwing of toys. Just testing and learning.

You're happy and smiling nearly always.

You love to snuggle down to sleep-you have to have all the bubbas-Lala, Ellie, DehDeh, twinky bear, Sarah Lynne as well as two blankies. You still suck your two fingers. You LOVE skin to skin snuggles.

You are always drawing and love to paint, play boo, chase the big kids and ride your bike.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY littlest love!


Yvette Adams said...

Oh so beauuuuuuutiful Lea! You definitely do have a style and it's gorgeous. xo

Mardi said...

Gorgeous layout Lea....I just adore it...I love your style...and all the bits you add.
I also loved your idea of using the fabric as tape...very cool!

Mardi x

ps....adorable photos too....she melts my heart.

Sheree said...

Oh Lea...what a beautiful page! the colours work so well together, the pics are gorgeous and your embellies are just perfect!

Sheree xx