Monday, March 21, 2011

Op shopping

This week I visited three oppys and found some lovely things.
First up some fabric, too cheap to pass up. $2.50 for all three bundles.

Some lovely books, some for reading, some for upcycling into stationary, garlands and other papercratf. All .50c each.

A pretty floral sheet-currently on Lulu's cot, $1.00.

Another chenille bedspread. I know!!! But it is in such GREAT condition and a lovely design, $5.00.

Last but not least...this cute crocheted blankie.
Only little, maybe 1m x 1m but at $1.50 how could I refuse. This blanket looks like it is brand new. When I washed it, the water stayed clean. Seriously.. I think someone has just whipped this up with their scraps and donated it to the Salvos. I love it!
Anyway, I think it will add a splash of colour to the couch while the very clever Nicole is crocheting my custom blankie.

For more thrifting fun, visit Sophie.


Yvette Adams said...

Yes you are addicted!!! But what BARGAINS! I LOVE the crochet blanket! I've been looking for one but all I find are yucky pilled blankets in awful colours. I love the red in yours.

karlyn Jackson said...

Love Lu Lu's blue sheet! I agree with Yvette, I think you are addicted xx

Mardi said...

Gosh...great finds Lea....that sheet is wonder its on Lulus cot...and how beaut that you scored that crochet rug..its awesome...and perfect size for the couch.
Mardi x

Sheree said...

Great finds once again Lea! How lucky that you found that blanket is such good condition!

Sheree xx

Just like Martha said...

Love a good op shop find and yours are FABULOUS, especially LOVE the chenille bedspread, I am on the hunt for one for my daughter Lilly...plan on bleaching it white for her bed...I am actually spending the day tomorrow with a girlfriend trawling some op shops in Sydney - wish us luck!

Allana said...

Fantastic finds! Love the crochet rug too, I can't go past them either :)