Monday, August 15, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Once again, I'm playing along with Flea Market Finds. This week, my show and tell is a little assortment of childhood treasures I've picked up over the last month or so.

This sweet little Holly Hobbie bag...picked up at our local swap meet for just 50cents.

A cute vintage dress pattern also 50c, from the oppie.

A little bundle of vintage books found at various op shops.
And I have to show you some of the stunning illustrations by Marcel Marlier.
I have thrifted a small but lovely collection of his books now. The stories are so lovely and the illustrations AMAZING! When I was reading 'Johnny and Sophie in the country' to Ollie yesterday, he exclaimed 'ohhhh it's real'. I had three of his books when I was a child. My Nonna had given them to me and I always felt like they were very precious. Oh how I wish I still had them. My mum never kept anything!!!

This fantastic puzzle (Aesops Fables) $4 from Daylesford Bazaar. (more about that later)
And just this morning I popped into Vinnies and saw these little chairs. 
When Lulu sat down on one I just knew we would buy them. They need a bit of TLC but at $4 a each, I decided I couldn't really go wrong. 

(I find it funny how I um and ahhh over whether to buy a chair for $4 but have no hesitation in buying a coffee for the same price. Where's the logic???)

And last but by no means least...a sprinkling of Belles Buttons.

Are you sick of seeing them yet? Remember, there are A LOT!

For more nifty thrifties, head on over to Her Library Adventures.
Hope your week is happy!


BeckyKay said...

Oh my! Those book illustrations are gorgeous!!

What a fantastic puzzle set! I love that!!

The Joyful Thrifter said...

WOW!! What lovely finds!!

The Joyful Thrifter

Deb said...

Awesome finds. Really any one of them would have been amazing. I love the pictures, I had a Debbie book when I was little, I didn't know he did other books. The pictures are beautiful. I love the chairs, can just seem them painted white with red spotted fabric, or painted aqua with red spotted.... yes they will be amazing.

Sheree said...

Lots of super cute finds Lea!

Sheree xx

VintageSweetheart said...

I would definitely wear the holly hobby bag is so cute! I love seeing the gorgeous buttons!

E :)

karlyn Jackson said...

I bet G had a thing or two to say about your fabulous $4 chairs...or did you hide them from him?

Mardi said...

How gorgeous Lea.....those books are so cute...I have a favourite childhood book with similar illustrations....I wonder if its the same illustrator. Its called Mark and Mark I think.
Cant wait to see the chairs once you've showered them with love...
Mardi x

Bungalowgirl said...

My goodness, this is just the kind of collection that I love. Nothing better than old kids books, puzzles and I had a Holly hobby skirt in that exact pattern and colours as a girl. It was down to the floor with lots of seams and layers and it was my favourite. Those chairs are the best find of all- perhaps some oilcloth to recover them and gorgeous colours for the metal. And the buttons, keep them coming, love that mustard yellow flower one, imagine that in the centre of a grey crochet flower.melx

Mardi said...

I checked my book Lea....and yes....he is the illustrator....its been my absolute favourite book since childhood..
Mardi x

Kylie said...

buttons, books & delish op shop finds!!! i'm in heaven :0)the answer to your collage question...i used 'Picasa 3' a free download photo thingy. so easy to use & you can do some fun stuff in there!

Florence said...

how funny, i used to read those johnny and sophie (jean-lou and sophie in french) books when i was little and when we visited my parents in france last year i found my whole collection of them (along with the 'martine' ones which were my favourite), i read them to my kids and they really liked them too. i love this little holly hobbie bag (and your daughter's skirt, did you make it?), and i adore the vintage buttons. what great finds. :-)

rockmelon said...

totally in love with the puzzle blocks and the buttons!!!