Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Around our place

Leaves sprouting on the bare rooted trees G planted a while back.

Squeezing in a few more wears of Lulu's Eskimo Jacket before Spring. It's the sweetest coat! Made by this talented lady.

Making muffins! These did not last long.
Daddy kisses.
Handstand practise.

O's last game of Soccer and his very first school dance.
Going up to Level 21! in Home Reading.
Counting down sleeps till his birthday.

Putting together new kits.
Birthday preparations.
Staying in pyjamas far too long.
Helping at school.
Shopping with my ma.
Painting furniture.
Watching Sons of Anarchy. I NEVER expected to love this so much when G suggested we watch it together each week.
Going out for chai latte and strawberry milkshake with my littlest love.
 Love that second photo of Lulu tryng to eat the snake lolly. She's sitting by my side as I type...'I love that picture of me. It's SO funny' 

Hope you are having a lovely week too!


Sheree said...

This is just the sweetest post Lea! Love all the photos...especially those last two super cute pics of little Lulu. Gosh she's such a cutie!

Sheree xx

Yvette Adams said...

Oh that Lulu is a funny thing. :) I can just hear her. Bella's handstands are fantastic! SHe should teach Tassy!