Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our birthday boy

Six years ago, on the very first day of Spring... this beautiful boy came into the world and into our hearts.

He is such a happy spirited, joyful boy.
He finds fun and laughter everywhere.

Today he had his favourite breakfast, french toast with maple syrup.
All he wanted was some lego.
He loved the picture his big sister drew for him. He especially loved his new watch and he LOVED his lego.
I told him he could have a lunch order because it was his birthday. He said 'no thank you'. He told me that last time he dropped his hot dog in the dirt. I suggested he have something different. He chose chicken nuggets.
He discovered a little treat in his bag at recess time.
I made cake pops for his Kinder class.
His daddy came home with a bunch of balloons-six of course.
We had strawberries dipped in white chocolate for afternoon tea.

And the cake...

 Happy Birthday beautiful boy! You bring sunshine every day. We love you so very much!


Zara said...

It sounds like he had a wonderful birthday..just the way birthdays should be :)
Great job on the cake too. x

Abbey said...

What a beautiful post!
Happy Birthday!!! xoxo

Mardi said...

Happy birthday xxx xxx
What a gorgeou spost Lea....I love how youve recorded those little things that are the most important.

I also wanted to say how gorgeous your stash of vintage sheets is...I can not see what you create with may even motivate me to begin mine..I keep procrastinating over how to begin.
Mardi x

Kylie said...

What an awesome birthday cake for a little boy who loves his Leggo as much as yours. Perfect.

Sheree said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome little man Lea! I hope he had a really fun day. That lego cake is awesome!!!

Sheree xx

Yvette Adams said...

LOL - fantastic cake Lea!!!!! I would have loved that one myself, being a big Lego fan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLLIE BOY!