Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week at our place...

Boo played her first game of Touch fotball. She is no sporty spice but she is super keen. I think it's going to be very, very good for her. I think she'll make new friends, I think she'll be puffing and coughing and clearing her lungs, I think it will bring her 'out of her shell' so to speak, I think it will be fun!

Our spirited boy has been somewhat 'naughty' so to speak. Tonight I was reminiscing about some of his (not so) finer moments-leaving the tap on and flooding the bathroom, pulling the toilet roll holder off the wall, karate kicking the screen door in...just a few things that sprung to mind. And then I wandered up to the playroom to find this little message.

This week he brought home ANOTHER award from school. This time for 'initiative'. He is a beautiful boy! Everyone says so;) I know so.

Miss Lulu has finally mastered the toilet:) Hoorayyyyyyyyy!

She is also starting to draw. She drew this picture of our family. If you look carefully, you'll see heads, eyes, noses and mouths of sort.

I am learning to run. And I am enjoying it.

The other day I bought a banana smoothie. I had to pay a 50c surcharge for the banana!
I also saw Christmas decorations in Big W!!

G went for a boys night out. Think lawn bowls-yes! fried food and beer.

Today we all pitched in and did some much needed Spring cleaning and the children had their first swim for the season, albeit a bit chilly.

Hope you had a lovely week too.


karlyn Jackson said...

Bella looks really good Lea, keeping that weight on. We are struggling with spirited boys and broken glass in this house, never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

Cannot see you and Grant in the Pool Lea. Too cold still.
Mum & Dad

Yvette Adams said...

WHat a lovely catch up. I've missed you. I'm impressed you're running! I could never run anything more than a few hundred metres LOL. Bella looks great in that pic too!! How come touch footy is just starting? It's just finished here!