Saturday, August 6, 2011


I had a haircut and a few foils. While waiting for the colour to do it's thing, I read this blog post on my phone. And then I decided today was a perfect day for a bit of nurturing me.

I went for a drive to a nearby country town and enjoyed my own company.
I turned up the music LOUD and sang(badly).
I saw a bakery and thought why not??? It's lunch time after all.

Those who know me well will not be surprised that I ate berry cheesecake for lunch. Yum!

I visited an op shop or two.

On the way home I stopped to smell the flowers. Just kidding. I stopped to take some pictures of the flowers...because I could.

Spring blossoms on a rainy Winter's day. Beautiful!

It was only a couple of hours but gosh it made me happy and I came home feeling very pleased with myself.
What did you get up to today?


Yvette Adams said...

What a lovely "me day". Especially with berry cheesecake for lunch! We stayed home cos it was rainy and dreary.

Mardi said...

What a beautiful thrilled you found some special time for yourself.
Really enjoyed that blog thanks for sharing..
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Yay for you! Great photos too xx

Tania said...

How enjoyable to have a "me" day. I think we all need days like this from time to time. Op shopping and sweets for lunch (sounds like one of my "me" days!). Love the blossoms too - they look spectacular. I can't wait until they start blossoming here!

karlyn Jackson said...

What a perfect day me day. Love the blossom photos too. I am surprised you had cheesecake for lunch, you normally would have something chocolate. Which town?

karlyn Jackson said...

oh forgot to tell you what I did, we had two school friends stay the night with the boys and then loaded half a tonne of flooring into our kitchen until ten pm.......think I need a "me day" might go see a move this afternoon.

Sheree said...

Good on you Lea! You day sounds so relaxing and wonderful! I think we all should do this more often.

Sheree xx