Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have had a spot of luck in the vintage sheeting department of late.
These pretty florals collected over the past month or so.

Yesterday my little boy suggested we go op shopping.
The biggest one moaned so she and her little sister were swiftly dropped off at Nanny's for afternoon tea while Ollie and I went for a drive out to a nearby country town.

 We had a lovely time just me and the boy and came home with a few treasures too.

Tapestry  $1.00, floral sheet $1.00

Frame .20c 

 2 x large floral sheets, great condition $4.00 
Colours a bit meh in this photo.

Some books for my big girl. She is a HUGE bookworm and was very excited with this bundle of Babysitters Club Series. She has read four over the past two days.

Books $8.00

ABC golden book and a cute little vase, $1.00 for both.

A good day thrifting I think and a delightful time with my gorgeous boy.
Linking up with Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures. Such a lovely blog.
If you haven't discovered it yet I'd recommend you click in for a peek.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I think the tapestry and the sheets are lovely! I love the thrill of finding sheets.

Sheree said...

Lots of lucky finds there Lea! I so wish I could find some lovely floral sheets like that here at our op shops...they're just never around!

Sheree xx

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Aww the vintage books look great

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Anonymous said...

Wow Hun you have done so well with those sheets they are wonderful. I just love the tapestry too, I have been on the search for a perfect one for our redecorating efforts, but no such luck yet.

Zara said...

You've found such lovely vintage sheets. And love the vase. x

Lauren said...

oh excellent! I used to read the babysitters club books I always get excited when I see them at the oppy! Thanks for stopping by over at my blog!

Max said...

great sheetage, especially ove the blue and white one. I can imagine your daughters delight at the book find. Nothing better than a pile of cheap-but-great books x

karlyn Jackson said...

cute tapestry Lea, I saw it on your floor the other day when I was at your ironing board but obviously we were nattering too much for me to mention it.

Elethea said...

love those vintage sheets!

Anonymous said...

I love those vintage sheets as well. Vintage sheets are rare as hens teeth in my neck of the woods, but I keep looking.