Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One for the boy

We bought our boy a new bed last week. A new bed needs a new quilt, I think so I cut into the vintage boys sheeting that I've been collecting for a lonnnng while. I cut the patches Friday night, sewing them into strips the next night and by late Sunday morning I had a quilt top. Hopefully by the weekend I just might be up to binding-my least favourite part of making a quilt. Fingers crossed.


Zara said...

Wow that was quick.
Wishing you motivation with the binding.

Yvette Adams said...

Wow, good work being so quick!!!!

I'm in the middle of quilting my vintage sheet quilt! Oh boy - it's a HORRIBLE job! Give me binding over it any day! I'm about 3/4 of the way thru but my arms needed a rest!!! I WANT to get the quilting finished today!

karlyn Jackson said...

That's funny, binding is my favourite part. looking good, I love the red and blue one like my orange and brown.

becclebee said...

what great colour combos! his quilt is going to look fabulous!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Wow, your vintage sheet collection is GORGEOUS! It will make such a stunning quilt, what a lucky boy!