Saturday, June 9, 2012


The boy played his best game of soccer yet! Where is the little boy who would not go on the field last season, who cried, who hid behind his mamas legs. His coach said he played so well today, his best ever! I am so proud! The other team were a couple of players short and he was happy to turn his shirt inside out and play for their team for half the game, when some of other kids wouldn't. That made me even prouder.

The children are off for the day with their daddy and grandy in the vintage car rally. It's Lulu's first time. They have been so excited all week! I have been so excited all week!

I went to the farmers market and bought some beautiful eggs.  The ones laid by free roaming grass fed hens.
I also happen to treat myself to some delicious dutch pancakes for brunch.

I went to the library and read a few magazines by a sunny window.

A friend called and invited us over for a roast dinner tonight.

My bestie text me from the oppy. She wanted to know if I needed any Johnson saucers or sideplates with yellow roses!!! UmmmmYES to both!

My sink is piled high with the breakie dishes and even some things left over from last night!

I had a nap in Boo's bed. She has the cosiest bed and the sunniest room in the whole house.

Seriously could today have been any more perfect?!


tea with hazel said...

sounds like a perfect saturday..i hope your sunday is just as wonderful..

Zara said...

yellow roses + Johnson.. how perfect is that combination.
It sounds like a lovely day.

Bungalowgirl said...

What a wonderful day- any day with a nap and gifted oppie finds is a good day though right? Well done for your boy too- mine held the lead for the final leg of the boys relay so they won.Super excited as with his sporting abilities it might be his only school victory! yay for grade 1 sports day. melx

Claire said...

Roast dinner, reading magazines, op shop finds, good friends, time to relax and smell the roses........just wonderful........

I do hope the rest of the weekend was as much fun and how proud are you of your son? I think my heart would be fit to burst with pride........

Claire :}

Fiona said...

Aren't you lucky to enjoy such a lovely day?

Fiona said...

Aren't you lucky to enjoy such a lovely day?

Sheree said...

Sounds like the perfect day Lea!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

((LOVE)) ....such gorgeous thankful post...xx