Sunday, June 24, 2012


A mixed bag of treasures collected over the past few weeks...
Couldn't pass up this beautiful old tin, the red rose having a special place in my heart. $3.00

Blue floral tablecloth, badly stained, looking forward to cutting into it. $1.00
Vintage floral pillowcase to throw in the mix. 50c
Checked shirt-perfect cushion back. $1.50
Floral sheet $1.00

Fabric scraps $2.00, SO happy to find some great boy prints!

Doilies 50c each

A little box of blank cards-yep more roses! $2.00

Cute little embroidery chosen by Lulu.  Lulu asked so beautifully 'please may we buy these bunnies mummy?' What's a girl to do! $3.00 well spent, I think.

Pattern $1.00...wish me luck. I am terrible at reading patterns.

And something I've been searching for...a little glass vase, just the perfect size for watching a hyacinth bulb grow. And a steal at $2.00

Have you been op shopping lately?
Have you picked up anything fun?
Gosh when I looked over my finds here, I can see a bit of my Nonna. 

How I love Sunday evenings!!!
I am off to make a cup of tea in a favourite cup and check out what everyone else has been thrifting.
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jennie said...

Loving all that fabric, but those vintage boy prints are amazing! I haven't come across anything like that before!

Kylie said...

I love that orange and brown 70's looking "boy" fabric Lea. I also love your sweet little girl's earnest (and extremely well-mannered) request. It would've been impossible to say no.
I also love Hyacinths, I wonder what colour your's will be.
I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who struggles with patterns, headache inducing for me.
You know what you've got Lea? Nonna chic x

Linda said...

Love that vintage tin!

Zara said...

Lovely thrifted finds Lea. I'm on the lookout for pretty tins to use in the craftroom.

Yvette Adams said...

The floral sheet would make a lovely dress! Lulu's tapestry is so cute. :)

I tried growing a hyacinth like that once and it was a total flop. But mum grew one at the same time and it was a huge success. I hope you have mum's success and not my flop!

Bungalowgirl said...

Love all your fabrics and the skirt from last post turned out beautifully. I too am complete rubbish at patterns, I find it easier to try and work it out myself than wade through those complicated instructions. melx

Brave New Fiona said...

It never ceases to amaze me what treasures can be found amongst the trash when thrifting. Nice finds. xx

karlyn Jackson said...

lovely rose tin Lea, I couldn't have left that on the shelf. great boys fabrics too. xx

Catherine said...

Lea you've found yourself some lovely finds this week. That pretty pink flower sheet and those boys fabrics are just great. xx

Fiona said...

Ooh you are soooo lucky with your sheets and fabric! Well done! Can't wait to see what you make with those goodies.