Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter break

We've been away on a little beach holiday.

Boo LOVES the beach. She loves to dig and play in the sand, she loves collecting shells and seaweed and loves rockpooling and all the creatures waiting to be discovered. We arrived in the late afternoon and headed straight to the beach. She ran around yelling 'I'm free' and danced in the water. Then she ran up to me excitedly and exclaimed, 'look what the sea gave me' and held out a pretty little shell. Pure JOY!

O loves the beach too. He LOVES the water.  He loves the foam on his feet, loves to skim rocks, loves to jump over the waves and loves to swim. PURE JOY!

Lu's first time at the beach!  It took a while for her and the beach to become friends. As she walked barefoot on the sand for the first time she frowned and said 'dirt'.

We kept telling her it's the sand, this is the beach, isn't it wonderful. She kept saying 'dirt'. But eventually...she and the beach became friends..and she enjoyed all it had to offer. The water, the 'birdie friends' and even the dirt. PURE JOY!

This silly Mama didn't pack the togs despite the clever Daddy telling her she should! Who knew people went swimming in the middle of Autumn!? The water was chilly but it didn't stop these country kids diving into the surf in their undies and singlets.
Funny thing was...there were heaps of kids swimming in undies, so apparently I wasn't the only silly Mama.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter break too!


Mardi said...

How wonderful Lea....and there is something even more special about swimming...when its unplanned and in undies and singlets.
So lovey to see you had a break away.
Mardi x

karlyn Jackson said...

looks like the kids had a ball lea, hope you got a good break too. x

Just like Martha said...

Hi Lea, the look on Lu's face says it all...pure JOY! Sounds like you had a womnderful break x Lee

Sheree said...

Love those precious pics Lea! Sounds like a fantastic break away!

Sheree xx