Saturday, May 7, 2011

Warning heavy post

I've been a busy bee this week as we have had the Mother's Day gift wrapping stall at our local shopping centre. It's been super busy, I have wrapped sooo many gifts and there have been loads of lovely donations made, all going towards finding better treatments and that elusive cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Who knew that gift wrapping was so exhausting! I thought I might take a book or my knitting and wrap a few gifts here and there but we have been FLAT CHAT alllll week, which is fantastic, of course!!!

I have been neglecting my poor family blog and in case I don't get to it, I just wanted to upload a few pictures from our recent holiday for my beautiful friend who asked to see more.

I have a tonne of op shop finds to share, a spot of crafting plus some lovely show and tell from the handmade markets but have had very little time for blogging at the moment. Until then...I hope these few pics will suffice Yvette:)

P.S I just wanted to give a shout out to Wendy as well. She made the wrap dress I am wearing in the photos. I bought it a couple of months back from her gorgeous store. I loved it when I saw it but you know how you never quite know what you are getting when you purchase online...well I am SO happy with it. The fabric is lovely and it is so beautifully stitched. During the Summer I wore it with thongs and sandals(not at the same time) and now that it's cool, I am wearing it layered with jeans and leggings(not at the same time). I LOVE it! I have since purchased a sweet dress for Lulu and a gorgeous Winter coat too. I'll definately be visiting her store again. It's lovely and definately worth a peek.

Have a happy weekend, may all the mamas be spoilt!


Yvette Adams said...

Aww thank you - beautiful photos. The kids look like they're having a ball. Definitely would be too cold for me to want to get wet! I love the photo of Grant jumping too LOL.

Sheree said...

Your photos are SO beautiful Lea!!! You all look like you're having the most wonderful time!

Sheree xx
ps. Hope you had a lovely Mothers' Day today! :D

the textured leaf said...

Oh wow! What a nice surprise when I saw your profile shot with you wearing my dress! and then... to scroll down and see a mention as well!!!!
Thank you so much for your lovely praise and im so glad youre enjoying your dress
: )

Just like Martha said...

Looks like you had a great time, the smiles on the kids faces say it all! I was going to comment ont he wrap dress (glad you filled us in) verrrry nice!