Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making breakie

On the weekend we like to sit down to something yummy and take the time to enjoy it and each other-as opposed to the go, go, go of our weekdays!

Boo's favourite is french toast. As a special treat, I bought some lovely Canadian Maple Syrup. It is SO good. I tried to be all fancy and drizzle it around the edge of the plate but it just looks like I accidently spilled it don't you think?!

 I am super thrilled though because while Ollie was eating his toast with vegemite, he asked to try some of my french toast...and he LOVED it! This is a major breakthrough because he has such simple tastes and usually, he will not even try things. Boo, on the other hand loves a huge range of foods. She loves Indian and salami and avocados and bircher muslie. And she'll try anything! Lulu is still finding her way. She loves vegemite toast too but will occasionally branch out and try something else.

The dining table might just be the prettiest spot in our home today. 
In the spirit of keeping it real...

Earlier this week we cooked the yummiest cinnamon scrolls. I stumbled across them on Sheree's blog who discovered them on Mel's blog. I love that about blogging..lots of link love. They were SO good. You must make them too.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Ours is gloriously warm and sunny!

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