Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A new skirt

When life is busier than usual, blogging and crafting take a back seat at my place. My head is spinning with ideas, I have a gazillion things bookmarked and I feel a little frustrated because I haven't been able to make 'me time' lately. I am sure many of you relate.

This morning I just felt desperate to make something

I stayed in my jama's and the Mister took the big kids to school and did the grocery shopping.(I LOVE having a husband on holidays) I decided to pop Lulu's 'favwet show' on(Barney) and did a bit of sewing. It had to be quick and simple because sewing really wasn't on the agenda for today. After 'favwet show Barney' was watched 3 times, the mother guilt began to creep in and G turned up with the groceries:)

The little sewing fix has left me feeling happy and restored-and WANTING TO MAKE MORE!

I told Lulu, ' Look, mummy made you a new skirt'. She smiled and pointed at it and said 'ohhhh I love that'.
Happy Mama here... 

I've used some thrifted blue corduroy, the floral trim on hem comes from some thrifted sheeting and the doily pocket is another op shop find. A very cheap little skirt, cost no more than a few dollars and upcycled everything but the thread and elastic.
 Little model didn't want to play...
 This is the WANTING TO MAKE MORE... a matching bag for books and snacks!
What have you been making lately?
Do you feel a bit antsy too..when there is no time for you??


Yvette Adams said...

Oooooo very clever Lea! I love it!

Just like Martha said...

OOOOhhhh yeh, can so relate Lea! Felling very 'antsy' right now, AND when you do get a few minutes I dive on to the computer to check out my fave blogs and they seem to be creating which makes me feel more frustrated...maybe a few late nights will help...send everyone off to bed so I can 'play'! Have a great weekend I am off to do the shopping!

karlyn Jackson said...

Yes, you know I do, I have felt like that all week. You have inspired me to sew something this afternoon. Love Lu's skirt and those gum boots and top of Ro Ro's make's the outfit complete......very upcycled indeed.

Sheree said...

So sweet Lea! Love that cute little doily pocket!

I've got a whole list of things I'd love to be creating but just haven't found the time lately either. Soon I hope!!

Sheree xx

Ames and Tash said...

The doily pocket is so sweet. Perfect for a little or big girl :)