Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making lately...

This week I cut into my stash of vintage sheets to make a strip quilt for Boo to take on our upcoming holiday. We are heading away on a little adventure in our caravan. It is a simple strip quilt and I am thinking about getting it professionally quilted because it needs a bit of fancying up and if I am honest, I really don't have the time at the moment. I figured if the quilting is complete then I could handstitch the binding on the road.

Also on the cutting mat is a little beach skirt for Lulu from some thrifted chenille and some vintage sheet shorts for the boy. I was thinking jarmies but he said board shorts so now I am thinking about pockets and how to make them...or not.

 And because I need that gratifying feeling of actually having something completed...some gift tags ;)
Quick, cute, fun to make and useful! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Despite the grey skies and chilly days we are still having here, I can see a glimmer of Spring.
Yes. It's on it's way. I am very glad about that!


Zara said...

Wow another one. You are a busy bee.
I'm having trouble quilting my one. I've tried and unpicked several times and it's just not working for me.
And I was thinking maybe getting mine professionally quilted too. What's a reasonable rate they charge?

Kylie said...

All lovely Lea. I'm jealous of your Hyacinth. Every year I think about buying a few bulbs but I always forget and remember when it's too late.

Bungalowgirl said...

Love all your little crafty projects. not much going on over here as too much housey stuff taking my time instead. But you are very inspiring.... melx

karlyn Jackson said...

loving Lu's little pink skirt.......can't wait to see you next weekxx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Great fabric! =)

Mardi said...

Hi beautiful Lea....
Gosh I love catching up on your blog posts.... always so much to oooh and ahhh over.

I so adore your stitching projects.... they always have the Lea factor....and your kiddos much look so unique and gorgeous in their clothes.

Had a smile at the Dip tin you found....I have a post in my drafts about some I recently painted to use in my expedit bookcase....Ive just never got the bookcase neat enough for the final photo.... we are the dip tin region of the world here....they are everywhere.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your little sidetable makeover....the grey and neon is so sweet....Im so glad you were brave and went for it.

Much love Mardi xx

Fiona said...

That quilt will be lovely. Love the skirt and shorts, you are so clever to whip them up. Tags are oh so cute. Well done!
How nice to be looking forward to a holiday! Spring is coming here too, I picked freesias from our garden today.
Btw am having trouble with the word verification for comments on my iPad! This is my fourth attempt ..

Alison said...

Such lovely sweet goodness.

My faves are the vintage sheets,they'll make a bright & cheerful cover.

Love the cute gift tags.