Sunday, August 26, 2012

This week

  • I stitched up a string or two of bunting to brighten up the caravan.

The middle fabric came from the original curtains. I wanted to keep a little piece for nostalgia. I have a cushion in the pipeline as well. I was making a zippered cushion and after breaking the needle twice, I remembered I was supposed to change to the zipper foot.

  • I dropped my vintage sheet quilt in for some fancy machine quilting. I chose something in less than a minute. I can't even remember what the pattern is. I was in a big hurry and if I ponder the patterns for too long...well I am terrible at making decisions about these sorts of things.
  • We made a trip to Sydney for our big girl's health review at CF Clinic. I would love to say we passed with flying colours but not this time. Sigh...That is the rollercoaster that is CF. On a happier note, we stayed the night with special friends. There was wine and Japanese take away. And a lot of nattering. 
  • Another cloche was hunted down this week. The little one on the right. $4.00

  • Daffodil Day. Thinking of all those that are fighting their cancer battle. Thinking of those who battled and survived. And those who didn't. Thinking especially of our Baz who's life was cut short by cancer.  Of my gorgeous sil and niece and nephew who were all ripped off. 

  • The boy played his last game of soccer for the season. Hello Saturday morning sleep ins!

  • A birthday present was stitched up for my big sis. I used some beautiful Echino fabric. 

  •  Some Sunday afternoon making outside. Warm enough for some to wear a tshirt.

  •  My hyacinth is coming along nicely. You know I chose a bulb from the box labelled 'purple'. 

And there you have it. Some snippets from the week that was.
Did you have a good week too? I hope you did.


Zara said...

It must have been the week for bunting making.

Kylie said...

Sorry to read about your big girl - I'm sure her results will be much better next time Lea. I love your sister's cushion (I don't think you're a cheat - I think you're smart!), your cloche (bargain!), and I think that it's really lovely that you're preserving a piece of the curtains from your caravan too x

p.s. rust behind Hyacinth = beautiful.

Bungalowgirl said...

The bunting is beautiful, and very inspiring. Love hyacinths but they find up here a little too hot. Hope your big girl is soldiering on ok. melx

Catherine said...

It certainly has been the week for bunting yours will look bright and cheery in your caravan. I bet you must be happy about the sleep ins you will be getting now. I think your pink hyacinth looks very pretty. I hope your big girl is feeling ok. Take care and have a wonderful week Lea. xx

Mardi said...

What a beautiful round up of your week .....I totally adore that bunting for the caravan (in my opinion every caravan needs a little)
Gorgeous cushion with a another very clever back...what a beautiful gift.
Mardi x

Yvette Adams said...

Gorgeous bunting. :)

I'm sorry to hear Bella's results weren't great. xoxo